Whiting's "Big Island" Prospect

Whiting Petroleum's "Big Island" prospect includes much of Golden Valley Co, North Dakota. This prospect does not appear to include the Bakken, but is focused on other formations instead. Also, they have primarily been drilling conventional vertical wells here instead of the horizontals.

To date Whiting has had mixed results. The "Jones 44-35" well (sec. 35 in 143N-105W) drilled in late 2010 was deemed to not be commerically viable. Though the "Maus 23-22" well (sec 22 in 141N-104W) drilled this spring was a success. They reported an IP of 282 bbls from the Red River formation.

Since then they've drilled "Peplinski 34-9" (sec 9 in 141N-105W). No results have been reported on that one yet. Currently (Sept 2011) they're drilling "Nistler 21-25H" (sec 25 in 141N-105W). The "H" designation suggests this one will be a horizontal well from section 25 into section 36. Again no results known yet.

In the company's September 2011 corporate presentation Whiting stated it planned to complete three wells in the area during 2011. If so the Nistler well currently being drilled should be the final well for the year. This is slightly different than their announcement this spring which indicated their intent to drill four wells during 2011.

Overall Whiting appears to find this area promising. Though this is certainly not the same as the monster Bakken wells to the north and east with their reported IP's of 2,000 to 3,000 bbl per day. None the less, it is nice to see activity and some production in this part of the county.