Whiting Reverse Stock Split

Does anyone have significant thoughts about Whiting Petroleum's reverse stock split? Shareholder meeting on 8 Nov to vote on this proposal.

Ed, I went trough something similar with Halcon Resources last fall after their bankruptcy. Never missed a royalty payment and was able to p/u some Halcon shares for pennies. No recommendations either way intended, just my experience with it.



I won't claim to have significant thoughts about it but here is an opinion formed by investing experience. Reverse stock splits are almost always an indicator of trouble and they are not done for reasons that would be beneficial to retail investors. It used to be a common trick in order to postpone or avoid delisting of the stock but nowadays the limits are only about a dollar. That being said, Whiting's stock price hit a low of around $4 a month ago and it is $5.50-ish this morning. WLL popped about 10% when they closed the FBIR asset sale in September and kept rising due to the slightly higher oil prices and the general manic surge in all of the stock markets. I don't think Whiting is in danger of going under any time soon but the reverse split is a warning sign.

Thanks, I appreciate your input. Ed