Whiting Petroleum

Hello, we were recently notified that our mineral rights lease with Petro-Hunt was purchased by Whiting Petroleum and that they are one of the top drillers in the area. Does anyone have any more info in regards to the drilling in Richland County? Thanks, Robert

Whiting is doing quite a bit of drilling in Richland County. I would look upon this as a great thing! You can go to the MT oil and gas site and snoop around and you will see. http://www.bogc.dnrc.mt.gov/

Thanks Joanne, I'll do that!

Robert, I would appreciate your telling me the Township-Range -Sections of Richland County where Whiting took over Petro-hunt's lease of your property. Our Baker Mineral Trust leased its property T24-59r-Secs 10 and 11(20 net acres) to Petro-Hunt in December 2010, but we have not been notified of any change in lease ownership. Thanks, Bill Rowland

Hello Bill,

We've had great success communicating with Austin Hunt (AHunt@petrohunt.com), he's the Landman for Petro-Hunt. He is the one who told us our lease was sold to Whiting. Here is the specific info:

Township 24, North Range 59 East

Section 11: N2SE4, SW4SE4

Section 12: NW4SW4

Township 25, North Range 58 East

Section 01: Lot 2, Lot 3

Section 02: Lot 4

Section 03: Lot 1

Section 10: NE4NE4

Section 11: NW4NW4

Hope this helps.


Thanks Robert. We will call Austin who was the Landman who processed our lease. John Rowland