White Star no July 2019 payment

Anyone get paid or not paid by White Star this month?:see_no_evil:

I received my June payment from them.

Our revenue check got rejected at our bank.

Interesting. I haven’t deposited my June one yet. July payments don’t come out until the end of the month.

Hello M_Barnes I was wondering if you were able to deposit your White Star payment, and if it cleared the bank? Myself, my brother, and sister each have an equal interest in 3 wells in Garfield county 36-23N-05W Abbey 1MH, Blackburn 1MH, and Blackburn 2MH. These wells are owned by White Star and the Abbey well went active 1-15-2019, while the Blackburn wells each went active 5-03-2019. We were just curious if their payments were being accepted, as we are still waiting on division orders at least on the Abbey 1MH well. Any info you are comfortable providing would be greatly appreciated.

We haven’t gotten and don’t expect division orders on the Blackburn wells until sometime around end of year

I deposited the check last week. They did not comment at the bank. I haven’t heard if it bounced yet.

Division orders will probably take about five months after first sales.