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I was hoping to find some more folks that have producing wells in White County, AR and who their operator's are. I have been trying to research back to the original signing day, and am finding out a lot of info about how things work. I am finding that there may be some discrepancies and that unfortunately that many of us in that area were basically duped into signing leases without disclosure of known resources, under the pretense that they were only going to be exploring the lands for "possible" minerals. When in fact they had already had reports saying other wise, and just needed signatures to begin drilling. That is what I found out yesterday, not that anybody put it in those words but that's exactly what happened on our family's land, and I don't know how many others have had the same happen to them by Chesapeake G & O, with Gateway Land Services, LLC being the preparer of the leases. Mine originated Nov. 2009, and drilling began Jan. 16, 2010. What I have yet to find out is when production started, or how much gas they have taken out because I was just contacted Aug. 4, 2016 about money held in suspense by XTO Energy who is the actual producer. They have not as of yet sent me any information on the well API, or anything for that matter that will help me determine if all things are on the up and up.