White City

Interested in information regarding land around White City north of Vernon.


You would probably get more replies from the Wilbarger county group since White City is in Wilbarger county. But I do have some land not far from White City for sale.

Thanks, but the Hardemon county group is more interesting than Wilbarger.

James, 1-08-2012 12:08PM

A well has just been drilled on the Rider Lease about 1/2 mile north of where the Tolbert School was located.

The owner of the land told me they did make a well. Have not fracked the well yet. The well has 2 pay zones in it.

Don't know how good the well is until after fracking is completed and a test is run.

I understand some more wells are planned for that area if this well is OK.

Thanks, Clint. My mom showed me that site when I was down Thanksgiving. It is almost directly east of my family’s property. Probably not more than five miles or so.

I hope it is eventually good news for all of us. We have not had an oil lease since the mid-80’s.

James, 1-08-2012 2:11 PM

I just sent an email to Mineral Rights Newsletter that will be coming out in Feb. 2012 that we need a weekly drilling rig count/list for Texas Counties. They were asking for suggestions on what MO's would like to have.

I would like to know whats going on without having to drive the roads to see where the activity is. Although Susie Osborne is a good source of information. Hello Susie and Dan.

Good luck James. I think the activity is going to increase in 2012

That is excellent. Both Susie and you have been very informative and helpful. The Hardemon County group "rocks."

Oh, and I meant west, not east above. White City is about five miles east of the Rider well that we were discussing, on the western edge of Wilbarger County, but ya'll probably know that. My great grandparents were buried at the old Tolbert cemetary and my grandfather's name was Clint, coincidentally.

So, anyway, thanks again.