White 6 3h 3106n07w


Curios if anyone has any information on this well which was spud on 10/28. Looks like the spud notice as posted twice under two different ids but the information looks to be the same. The production is in 0605n07w. Unit got two wells approved. I don’t know if this was just a posting error or something else


I am pretty sure they are fracing it right now.


Thanks Joshua. Any insight on why there are two postings on the OCC for the well spud? I thought it possible they were going to drill two wells from same platform since that is what they had approved but both postings are identical with the same API #. Just curious.


Tom, according to the PUN Details OCC site the White 6-3H is now listed as active, but with no report yet has to production numbers. The second report may have been an error and maybe they meant to report this first well as finished? or maybe somebody just goofed up.