Which state should my oil attorney be from?

I hold mineral rights in Marshall County WV, but live in Texas, which is where the Royalty checks come from. I believe I am having deductions that are not permitted so I would like to have an attorney review my lease and checks to see if I am correct. Should the attorney be from WV or TX.

West Virginia. Each state’s laws can and do vary significantly when dealing with minerals.

That is what I was afraid of…I haven’t had much luck with WV attorneys that we tried to talk to during the leasing period. But thank you.

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I suggest you find a different WV attorney.

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Alice, reach out to Albert Neely & Kuhlmann in Fort Worth, TX. They are a very reputable Oil & Gas law firm that handle mineral owners interests in the lower 48 states.

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Thank you…I appreciate your help.

I would get a attorney in the same county. The cost is better and they know the law better I live in Michigan so i have a attorney in the county were the mineral rights are

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Try christian turak, esq of Moundsville, Marshall county, wv.

I used him …its a significant law firm in that area and versed on oil and gas.

Tell him sam smith of paden city referred you. We did an easement project with antero.

I tend to disagree with this statement. Many counties have a very limited number of attorneys. Those in smaller communities tend to be jack-of-all trades by necessity and may not always be equipped to handle certain matters.

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