Which acres do I have rights to?

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Like many I have seen on this site, I have inherited mineral rights. I have searched the web and even went to the Winkler county courthouse( a1200 mile trip) to find out which 200 acres in a block and section the rights are too. There were three transactions, two in '27 and another in '48. In '27, 200 acres were purchased, then 100 acres sold. In '48 an additional 100 acres were purchased. I have been solicited to sell my rights, which is how I found out about them. I just want to make sure selling is better than hanging on to them and figuring out how to claim them. Block 21, Section 27, Public Lands Survey, Winkler County, TX A-1738 is the location, but which 200 acres?

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Do you have a copy of the deed which lists the 200 acre tract? Does it mention the NE/4, SE/4, W/2, etc.?

You have good acreage with multiple producing horizontal wells and additional permitted wells. However, you’re in a fringy area where new development severely drops off directly to the east. You should likely be seeing offers for at least $20,000/NMA I would think for proved undeveloped reserves (PUD) in that area, but since there is already some sizable existing production you also have to deduct the value of the oil already produced/the royalty checks already paid out on the proved developed producing (PDP) wells.


Also, do you know if you or the person you inherited the minerals from executed an oil and gas lease in the past few years? Do you know if you are in pay status on the producing wells and receiving royalty checks? If not there may be some curative necessary to bring ownership up to date and get you paid on the royalties.



Thank you for your reply. The deed just states the acreage is undivided. There is not any point of reference as to where in the section the acreage lies. I just found out about it in Oct. of last year. A company wants to buy the rights. Before I/we sell, we are trying to find out, where are the acres, is there any royalties in a receivership, to see if we should sell or not.There are and has been producing wells, but no activity under my great-grandfathers name.


Can you post the language in the original deed stating 200 acres, specifically the legal description? Go to the Texas Unclaimed Property website and see if there is anything under your family’s name in suspense.


You need to understand exactly what you own. A-1738 is in Section 21, Block 27 which is a very differnt location than cited in your note. The two deeds should have a legal description of something such as NE/4 of Section 21 or a metes and bounds description. Or they may reference the acres owned by the grantor which he acquired under a previous deed. The next question is your fractional interest in the 200 acres. Do you own 1/10 or 1/100? The value is in the net mineral acres - 200 x 1/10 = 20 and 200 x 1/100 = 2. There is one producing horizontal well in W/2 of Section 21 which is operated by Felix Energy - Pearl Pass 2116-27 1H. If your minerals are in W/2, then you would have accrued royalties which are being held by Felix. Felix has permitted several wells in E/2 of Section 21 - Pearl Pass 2116-27 E wells - several drilled but not completed. Felix may not have been able to find you and you could receive a lease bonus and royalties. If buyer will receive this money. The Felix permits have a long service list which likely means that there were a lot of unlocated owners and heirs. Under 1H - many with name of Olian (some deceased) and Zidell. Much shorter service list on E wells and so it seems more likely that you are in the first well. Call Felix Energy and ask for the landman responsible for the Pearl Pass wells in Winkler County. He will have a list of unleased / unidentified owners and can help you get leased and in-pay. You may need to clear some title. Then you can decide whether to stay leased or sell. Felix Energy in is Denver. Website is felix-energy.com. Royalty Relations 918-236-2669 with email landowners@felix-energy.com Good luck!


Nothing on the unclaimed website. The language on the deed will be in my next reply below.

  I have left a message at Felix Energy. I've also contacted other companies with operations in this block. The deed states a 1/64th interest in any mining, drilling, exploring and removing of oil, gas, and any minerals. The 200 acres are undivided in that block and section. Block 21, section 27, Public school lands survey, A-1738, Winkler county, TX. Since he sold half, and then 21 years later bought 100 acres more, I'm trying to see if his acreage is in the same part or separate on two sides of the section.


Also, thank you for the info!