Where to go for help

I recently got a stack of paperwork that needs to be gone over and signed. The best I can understand it’s about being part of pooling and maybe drilling some new wells, but I would love to have someone sit down with me and explain what it all means. I am happy to sign it, but I would like to know what it is I have. So I need to hire a lawyer or is there someone else (cheaper) who can go over the paperwork and explain it to me? I don’t live anywhere close to where this action is, in fact, there is no drilling within 100 miles of me.

If you tell us what state and county, then we can point you in the right direction. If it is OK, then I can walk you through it what the documents mean and how to understand them. If Texas, then someone else. NEVER sign anything that you do not understand. You are wise to ask for help. You may need to consult an attorney depending upon the state, but let’s get that part figured out first.

I’m in New York and the property is in Wyoming. But I can’t see how it would make a difference in understanding the terminology. Our dialects may sound different, but it is actually the same language. My real question is if I need the attorney to clarify it or if a clerk or other knowledgeable person might be found.

Be sure to exhaust the resources found on the image button above. You will likely need a Wyoming attorney to help you but reading up will reduce the amount of time the attorney will need to explain. By the way, oil & gas is a foreign language. :grinning:

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