Where to find if an operator has drilled in Grady Cty, OK

I’m trying to find if my operator has drilled. My interest is in sections 12 and 1, 5N and 5W in Grady. On July 8th, the operator, Red Rocks Oil and Gas applied to the Commission for a multiunit horizontal well. I went to the OCC website and clicked on Intent to Drill both for the last 7 days and further back. The new well name may be Bogey 2 or even Bogey 3. But no info at all. So … is there anywhere else I can go to see if they have spudded a new well?

Jim: Red Rocks completed the Bogey 1-12X1H well with an active date in 11/2018. Not much of a well. May production shows 1602 BO & 2694 mmcf gas. Don’t see where they spud the #2 or #3 wells.

Hopes this helps. Todd M. Baker