Where to begin oil lease research

My father in law passed away and we moved my mother in law in with us. Going through her stuff we found a letter dated October 10 1981. It is from Curry County oil co. In it they were informing her that they were going to start a wildcat well on her parcel. LOT 2,Section 6, T-6-S, R-33-E. Roosevelt County, New Mexico. She dose not remember much about this.

Where would I start to trace this down to see if there is anything to this letter.

By the way on a side note the letter states" It goes without saying that J.V. Atkinson in combination with George Bush Jr., the owner of Arbusto Energy. Inc., fully intend on developing the properties in question.

I thought was kind of cool. Small world.


Continue digging through the paperwork since there may be more. Your post makes reference to your fathers passing so did he have a probate estate? If so, and if your father resided in another state, a NM ancillary probate may be required to transfer ownership to Mom. You will need legal assistance.

Based upon the legal you provided your father owns some portion of a mineral interest in a 40 acre tract located the the Northerly part of the section.

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