Where to advertise minerals for lease?

When I first discovered this website a couple of years ago, there were many listings for minerals for sale and for lease. I did list my minerals (for lease) at that time. Some time after the initial period expired, I decided to re-list my minerals, and found that there was a fee for doing so, but went ahead and listed them. At the time, I believe there were still quite a few listed. Now I have noticed that it looks like mine are the only ones listed! Where has everyone else gone?

Where are your minerals located?

I’m glad you posted this because I have a lease in Ward County, Texas that just expired and I was going to pay to list it, but if no one is visiting the site I won’t waste my money. Thanks.

Northern Carter County, Montana.

I do get a few hits most days, but not sure if from people who are just curious or those who are really interested.

If you decide to list them elsewhere, be careful as I noticed right before (thank goodness) I finalized a listing on a different website that if your minerals lease, they get a cut of the profits. Can't remember if it was on the bonus, the royalties, or both...but read the fine print :)

Thanks MLR for all the info and the heads-up, appreciate it.