Where might you find spud dates other than RRC

Reading thru posts it looks like RRC lags updating permits and spud dates.

Watch 1 drilling permit very closely…and would be glad to use a paid subscription if I knew they were timely and accurate.


Paid subscription services get the permit and spud date information from the RRC filings. A permit application will appear on the RRC website within 24 hours of filing. You can download all the related filings - Plat, P-16 etc. from the RRC website and track the approval. The operator cannot drill until after the permit is approved. The operator files with RRC when the well is spud and that will also appear within 24 hours. Production volumes for a recently fracked well is a different matter, as is the timing of filing the completion reports. Volumes and sales must reported to Texas Comptroller and are available on the CONG site, under the permit # until the RRC lease number is assigned.

Thanks that answers a lot.

However, I’ve noticed researching other dimrill sites that the spud date is within a week or so of the permit approved date. That just doesn’t sit right with me.

But I’ll continue to watch this particular permit closely.

Enverus tracks the rigs on about 95+% of the working rigs in the US. They do so with GPS monitors on the rigs to track their exact location. It is not cheap to get a subscription but it is much better than TxRRC as a resource

Interesting…thank you.

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