Where have, did or went the M.R. on this, and how would you go about finding out?

Can you help, NOT exactly a wildcatter; passed down well digger logs @ 59 N/ 38 W of 5th, Section # 4, showed 'free petroleum and [coal oil kerosene] pet ethers' @ 2356 feet in 2500 TD. 4 Questions for M.R. Forum; QUESTION 1: Are these mineral rights validly marketable as there is little activity for this location on M.R. Forum here? QUESTION 2: Can these M.R. be pooled with SE Nebraska shows annual production at 56,000 bpyr? QUESTION 3: This diamond drill hole--now posted on M.R. Forum Markets page reported this deposit--at the junction of Devonian and Silurian formation in shale earthy find crystalline dolomite lime. It seems a well head was never left b/c petroleum and pet ethers were only pennies in 1901, where coal was the mineral sought in the 55th U.S. Congress Natural Resources ACT/State of Missouri/landowner/Armour--Sullivan Machine Co. of Chicago diamond drill hole. Would there be confluence with the SE Nebraska/NE Kansas pool across county/state in NW Missouri,j to make these M.R. available to lease or sell? QUEsTION 4: Finally would Deed of Mineral Rights need to have been conveyed with the real-estate surface rights in re-titled Trust or are M.R. separate entities on any and all to re real estate at the time of re-title to a Trust Document? Would a merciful real-estate opinion be able to settle this great-grandfather-grandfather entanglement with the 1901, 55th US Congress ACT for at that time the world's deepest?

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This has been on since Oct 23rd and had 63 viewers, but no helpful suggestions. Is it so hard to find these mineral rights of a proven nature for someone who knows operators?

Can I spend my own $50,000 for an uncased open drill hole to revisit? If so would I have to have a dedicated divided co-tenancy with the Trust (executor)? Can this be done with equal mineral rights possession 1/2 and 1/2 between in this case the two co-tenants?

Little Mineral Rights Forum help on this proven spud.