Where do you find the rules for selling mineral rights for mineral owners on medicare?

What site to do you go on to find the govt rules on selling mineral rights while being on Medicare?

I am NOT an Attorney, but since this pertains to Medicare and not Medicaid, I believe there would not be an issue or 'rules'.

Good luck

I seen on the site, that there was a page you could go to to see the rules on medicare, or medicaid

I don't think there are specific rules for selling while a medicare recipient, but there might be if you are receiving Medicaid. Generally, people cannot sell assets and give to relatives, etc to become "eligible for Medicaid." I believe you can do this but there is a waiting period after this, which might be as much as 3-5 years. If you meant Medicaid, try the state rules, as they administer Medicaid, not the feds.

The Medicare premium is based on income 2 years back. 2018 premium will be based on your 2016 tax returns. Go to medicare.gov and search for IRMMA. The sale could increase your Medicare premium for one year if it puts you in a higher bracket.

Kristopher Salter has a good idea. Try that. And maybe, just to be sure, call them and ask your questions.

There may be a maximum income threshold that you may need to be aware of. If you cross it, you may become ineligible for further coverage or something.

If there is such a threshold, maybe you can sell a little each year to stay below it.

I'l like to hear what you find out!