Where do you find the parcel numbers on WV maps

Hello, Where do you find the parcel numbers to locate the lots on maps. I have all of the long district map parcel numbers. But, I can’t figure out what number tracks the parcel on the map. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello Amy, I have parcels in Marshall County also under lease. If you have a lease the parcel numbers should be listed in the document. You can then go to the Marshall County GIS site and search in the district and enlarge the scale until parcel numbers appear. If it is from county tax records those numbers do not yield a map parcel number that can be traced to the parcel map that I know of. If you could supply the format of the numbers you have it might help. A search of the public records shows a lease for Hill, Amy Parry in Webster District. If that is you the parcel numbers are listed in the lease document.

Hi Dome,

I’ve inherited a mass quantity of mineral rights in Marshall County. I’m trying to grasp an understanding to where they’re located. I have deeds and tax statements. So, all that I’m seeing is a long map/ parcel number and the district location. I have leases on some of them that have the parcel numbers. I read enough to work my way through the system to locate the ones that are currently leased. But, I have deeds to mineral rights throughout Liberty, Meade, Webster and Clay. How can I locate the parcel number that’s generally provided with a lease?

Amy I just talked to the Marshall County Clerks Office in Moundsville at 304 845-1220. They suggested you call them with your information and they can help with finding the parcel numbers. They have always been helpful on these type of issues. I hope that helps.

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