Where do we start with mineral rights?

My wife recently inherited mineral rights in Dewey and Custer Counties. We have received a couple of offers to lease, but all we know is the legal description of the parcels involved. In Dewey County, she owns rights in the NW/4 of Section 22, Township 16 North, Range 17 West.

We do not know how many acres are involved in each parcel. Is that necessary to know? How can we find this?

My wife was named as one of three heirs-at-law in her father's will. What additional paperwork do we need to prove that she owns the mineral rights to these parcels?

Another poster here mentioned registering your rights and ownership at the County Courthouse in Dewey or whatever county they are in. How is that done and what documentation is needed?

Advice and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks for your reply, Todd. Deborah is my wife and her father was Chester Bender. We have gotten a few lease offers but more offers to buy. We may sell the rights when we're old and grey, but we don't see any need to do it right now.

I can't advise you to do anything, but I can tell you what me and my sisters did to obtain inherited mineral rights. We contacted a Dewey County lawyer, Julie Strong and David Mosburg, and took their advice to get a Quit Title Decision filed in Taloga court house. It's possible you would have to go through Probate depending on if the minerals were listed in a will or trust, but generally you do not. It took about four months to file the petition and get court approval. It's a very common process. There were legal fees involved and we had to submit a death certificate, but we split the cost between my sisters and the cost was recooped as soon as we received our first lease payment. This was four years ago, but here are the contacts we used at that time. Julia Strong Mosburg & Strong, Pc 201 S. Broadway Taloga, Okla.73667 phone 580-328-5581