Where can I purchase mineral rights?

I've always been interested in this asset but have had trouble finding a place to purchase rights. Especially rights located in Texas.

Is there a guide? How do I go about finding people to sell. Are there brokers out there?

I did come across a few auctions within OK but usually those are overpriced. I believe there is another site that sells rights from oil companies who usually have already producing prooperties but I'd like to focus more on rights without production and 100% ownership.

Any guidance or help would be great!

I am located in Houston, TX as well. Are there investment groups out there?


Hi Ted, I read elsewhere that you drive past hwy 313 regularily? past all the EOG cluster of wells, Silvertip etc. Are you able to give an update? Also did you know Chesapeake have been announced as the buyer of 24,166 net acres from Samson Oil and Gas in Goshen County. The project is called “Hawks Springs”. CHK paid SSN $3275 per acre and an ORRI of 3.8%. Sorry, not on this topic, but just found your last post here. Interested in an update if you could. tia

Paul - Energynet.com is an auction site for oil and gas properties. Make sure you understand all the risks involved before investing in this asset class.

I can share some of my experiences in purchasing mineral properties in Texas, if that interests you. Feel free to call me @ 214-642-1674.