Where can I get a list of mineral rights owners in Stephens County?

Is there a master list of mineral rights owners in Stephens County? Thanks.

No such list exists.

That is the domain of the “Land(Wo)Man”.

Willie Nelson once sang, “If you’ve got the money honey, I have time.”
This would be insanely expensive. Even if you limit it to a Township and Range you are looking at thousands of dollars if starting from scratch.

Thousands of dollars per section in Stephens County.

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How about going to the Courthouse in Duncan and making a copy of each page in The Mineral Owners Book; or, taking a picture of each page with your phone?

I see sights like this image that says Mineral Rights owners in Stephens County but it seems to be not even close to being accurate…I don’t know.

There are tens of thousands of owners in Stephens County. What is it that you are trying to find out and maybe someone can be of help?

Todd M. Baker

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There isn’t a mineral owner’s book. You have to go through the indexes for each section township and range.

I probably need to go to the Stephens County courthouse if that’s where the records are. I have bits and pieces of mineral rights in Stephens, Carter and Garvin county and I would like to see if someone forged paperwork and cheated me out of some of my minerals. Thanks.

Going to look may not turn out like you would Hope. I had some paper work regarding Minerals in Grady County, which I took to the Courthouse with me. I showed those papers to a Clerk and she tried to look it up on the computer, but she wasn’t able to find what I wanted. So she, took me over to a Set of Big Red Large Heavy books and said begin looking in here for names I recognized. And I didn’t see any. So she showed me the Plat Book and noted I needed to begin there and go forward book to book. I did as she had told me but I saw No Names associated with what I was looking at.

Somehow a transfer had been made and there was no Record .

So I called Continenal Oil and asked how someone had Inherited those Minerals?

They would not tell me. Ok who did the Title Opinion ? They would not tell me.

The information I was looking for should have been in one of those Books, a Name I recognized but there wasn’t.

So even though records are kept, I found out for myself those are Incomplete. I saw one man use his phone camera to take pictures from one of the same books I had looked at.

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Go to this site, choose county and search by name or STR


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There is also a grantor-grantee index that is kept. You can search name alphabetically by first letter of last name. That might help if you don’t know the section, township, range

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