Where can i find current well production data on line?

I am going through probate with the state of N.D. on my wifes grandfathers estate. I have no doubt it will be settled in the next 6 months, yet would like to track production by month. It came off the confidential well list in April, and had some data at that point. This is very new to me, and finding there is alot of information on the internet. Thank you in advance for any help.

I recommend the NDIC Oil and Gas Division subscription. For $50 a year you can track your wells production, monthly sales which is how you are actually paid, and sometimes depressingly how much of your gas they simply burn off because they can’t sell it. Good luck with your well.

Production figures are given to the public on request from the NDIC. You can also get production from the Department of Mineral Resources web site, under production by formation for free. If you know the legal description you can get the well file number by looking it up on the interactive map. Regardless well production is a matter of public interest and can not be held confidential, unless it has properly been protected under provisions of NDCC. Remember its your right to know as a mineral holder.

Thank you for the help

type in browser OK. Railroad Commission. that should take you to the OK. RRC homepage. The TX homepage is very easy to navigate. You will need to have your paperwork handy in order to follow the prompts. If need more info, look for the “contact” area on the web page.