Where are they drilling?

My last post was about 2 years ago... No word from anyone since then. At first I was approached by several agents/landman with lease options. have not visited the property/ area for several years, don't know what kind of activity is taking place there - My parents had 20 arc.(that they left to me) about 9 miles outside of Carrizo Springs heading towards Eagle Pass - HWY 277. Is there any activity heading in that direction?? Like I said -have had no interest from Landman but have had several offers on neighbors wanting to buy the land..... one even went into the Dimmi County tax office an paid the taxes on the land... they weren't even delinquent!! What gives with that??? How can they let just anyone pay on property that isn't theirs. Guess I need to plan a trip down there?? Need input.. PLEASE

I have leased my mineral rights on some property near the cut off road between Hwy 277 and Hwy 83 to Chesapeake Exporations.

I have mineral rights on some property between HWY277 HWY 83 that I have just leased to Chesapeake Exploration. Don't know exactly where and know they're trying to get all those that are within that 40 acres.

That 's all the help I can be as I live in Ok. and inherited these rights from my father.