When will oil checks be sent?

We have 8 wells in Blaine county which we own the minerals 5 wells go into production feb 18 then the other 5 not till March 10 we have not go a division order yet.?

And my question is will they wait to send us a check for all 8 wells or will we get a check for the 5 then get another check for the other 3 wells?

In general, it takes about five months after first sales before you will see a division order. The first check will be about six months after first sales. If the first sales missed the date of the company’s “check cut date”, then it will roll into the next month. If these were back in 2018, then you need to contact the operator as there may be a problem with your title. If in 2019, then you will have to wait a while.
If you have this many coming online at nearly the same time, you may need to consult your accountant about tax planning. Remember that the first few checks may be very high since they have about six months of production in them depending upon which wells coming on line when. The future checks will be much less.