When to sell royalties

My mother (who is 94) currently receives royalties from wells in Panola and Rusk Counties. I would like to know the estimated life of the wells (if possible, barring any unforeseen problems) and how you determine when to sell your royalties. The wells are:

Foote G/U (1H/3H/4H/5H) 699 acres/0.005049 RI

Abstract 698 T W Walden Survey

RRC# 261361


Young Grace G/U (2H) 682 acres/0,001374 RI

AB 204 I M Freeman Survey

RRC# 260018

Both are operated by Sabine Oil & Gas LLC and her royalties have gradually dropped, but seem to be holding steady now.

She pays taxes in both Panola and Rusk counties on the Young Grace well.

The Foote well is in Rusk county.

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Carolyn Preston

My situation is exactly like your mother's. I have a small percentage of ownership in three gas wells in Panola/Rusk counties. Williams 1, 2, and 3. 1 and 2 no longer seem to be producing (no royalties) but Williams 3 is still generating some income. Sabine O. & G. is also the operator.

At first I got royalties from oil but now only natural gas. I am wondering if the wells in this area are slowing down and should I sell?

I also would be interested in any further information regarding production in this area.


Jim Benat