When to expect payments after first production date of a new well

 Could somebody pease tell me the time frame for production payments. The production date of my well is 8-25-18. The completion date was 7-21-18. When should I expect  the first payments from production? Thanks, GW

My checks were as long as 3 to 4 months

It generally takes five to six months for the operator to finish the Division Order title work. Less time for a one section well and more time for a multi-section well since there are more mineral owners. The statutory time limit is six months after first sales or they owe you interest. If the first sales come after the company’s check cut date, it might roll into the next month.

Ms Barnes,
Mine were from a single section and you stated it better than I. My other one is a multi section and there were many changes before production and I forgot that. It did indeed take about 5 1/2 months. Then I also ran into legal problems and it was extended even longer. Thanks for straighting me out. Roy