When does the mineral transfer after dearh of a royalty owner?

Hi...My mother died in Sept 2015. I am the sole heir to the mineral rights she has in Nueces County. When do the royalties/mineral interests officially transfer to me? My sister the executor has been silent and has not told me anything concerning about what she has done or is doing in regards to the my mineral royalties. I have had to contact the oil company myself and found out my sister did a W-9 in November to transfer the royalties to the estate. Is this correct?

Hello Ms. Orourke,

It appears that your mother's estate was admitted to probate. Title to those mineral interests remain in the estate until conveyed out of the estate. You could ask the executrix (sister) to make a partial distribution of the estate assets (your Nueces minerals in particular).

As far as not being kept informed, I am not aware of a law that requires that she "keep you in the loop."


Buddy Cotten