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Can anyone in Wheeler County tell me if activity is increase with oil drilling, as opposed to gas?

I have read about the Hogshooter oil well by Chesapeake, and wonder if this has kicked-off a big interest in the area.


I do not see completion reports with production on Texas wells like I see on Oklahoma wells. Where are those available if at all?

The Texas Railroad has a lot of information. I like the GIS where I can search, set it to identify wells, zoom in, zoom out and see what is going on around my minerals. You can find wells then get production info. Some of the RRC site is confusing, it takes a while to get used to it: http://gis2.rrc.state.tx.us/public/?

You can also check well permits:


Thank You

There is a video tutorial on the Home page that shows how to use the RRC website.

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