Wheeler 0605 in 06-06N-05W

There are a handful of Wheeler wells and one Tidua well in 06-06N-05W that were spudded in September and October 2023. I haven’t seen production reports yet. Is there a place that I should watch for that? Wheeler 0605 wells are 4-6-7WXH, 3-6-7WXH, 5-6-7WXH and 2-6-7MXH. Tidua 0605 well is 2-6-7MXH. I’m used to fumbling around the Texas RRC but not the Oklahoma OCC.

Way too early to see production and royalties. Takes four to five months to drill and frac (depending upon availability of frac crews). Takes another five months or so to run the title on hundreds of mineral owners. So you will not see a DO for many more months. In OK, you do not have to sign a DO to get paid. See the topic thread on that item.

You can watch for completion reports on the OK Corp website. Hunt by the surface location. Test

You can watch for production numbers (gas will not match for lots of technical reasons) on the OK Tax site. https://oktap.tax.ok.gov/oktap/web/_/#1 You do not need a login. Just go to the Public PUN section and type in the well name.

Thank you. That is helpful information.