What's Up with Michael-Owan 26-35?

Just looked at the monthly production stats that came out for February and was sorely disappointed. The Michael-Owan 26-35 production of oil dropped to only 297 barrels produced in a 29 day period. Gas production looked good, but what is happening to the oil?

This well is only about 2 years old. This well can't be drying up that fast can it? For the months of December and January, the oil production was a little of 2,000 barrels for each month.

Does anyone know the reasons behind this low production?



Ms. Ogle, production can be low one month and return to normal the next. If you could give the complete legal description or the API # I will try to take a look at it for you. I wouldn't be alarmed over just one month, one of my own wells has gone from 3k barrels a month to 600 barrels in February, it might be a matter of getting the oil to market.

Mr. Kennedy:

It is located in the Painted Woods Field:

MICHAEL OWAN 26-35 1-H NENW 26 154 103 WIL Well #18906

I am so hoping you are right...I have the "I'm counting my eggs before they hatch" fever.

Thank you.

Ms. Ogle, I looked in the well file and didn't see anything regarding work being done. I can't think of any explanation. I would say that such a drop in production seems out of character. I'm sure that if there is anything that needs to be done or can be done to restore greater production Brigham will be doing it.