What's the status of Tinsley Field in Yazoo, MS?

Does anyone know the status of Tinsley Field in Yazoo, Mississippi?

I found a few bits and pieces on it when I Googled it. Maybe someone local can answer.

I ain’t got a clue, but I live in Mississippi,

  I also have a wee bit of experience in upstream operations in the exploratory, drilling, development, completing, and producing operations in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary production operations in several areas of development, including surface production operations, onshore production facilities, and quite a few more areas in the upstream operations.

 Please provide me with specific leases in this Tinsley Field and I will do what I can.

 I will only send the results of my research to you, Mr. Darwin.

It will be fun and make me educate myself on Mississippi.

My best regards,

Stephen Watkins