Whats the information?

on W R Buford,Abstact A-97? Not sure why I have not been contacted? Thanks for any info!

how many acres do you have?

Not sure what kind of information you are looking for? Chesapeake drilled a well last year in this area but haven't done anything with it.

5.004 acres..

So is our Area Dry or Do you know anymore about this area? Thanks!

It is not a very attractive area for the time being. Also, for the wells in your area a much larger tract of acreage is needed and pooled units are decreasing due to market conditions. Hope this helps, Rock Man can probably be of more service in this area for info.

Your area is located in the middle of a large structural low - a very poor situation for normal O&G accumulations.

The well that CHK drilled last year along the highway was most probably targeting the Goodland Lime. EOG has a decent Goodland horizontal completion in Smith Co near Murchison (Cowan 1H) but in today's low oil price climate, this play is very uneconomic.

I know that CHK did a lot of data gathering in their well (Ned #1) - the fact that they have not opted to drill a horizontal to test this section confirms the economic situation IMO.

So to answer your question, your area is not "dry" but it is presently not attractive economically for any operator to drill.

Thanks for the information Rock Man!! Please keep me updated, if anything changes!!