What's is going on here? Many offers

I own Weld interests in the following in Range 64:

  1. s32-t4-
  2. s6-t3
  3. s20, t4

these are current leased by Noble but not much revenue. I’m being offered $5400 /acre for #1 $4300 acre for #2, and $3600 of #6.

In light of Bill 181, not sure what to do, hold or sell. Any mindshare is appreciated

Depends. How much are you getting monthly? Are yours leased at 18.75%? Or less? Are you willing to wait to slowly make that income or would you prefer a lump sum.

I don’t see any indications of recent activity around this area. I would just base my decision around how the offers stack up against your monthly income.

As regards the current political climate in Colorado, there is serious cause for concern regarding any future development. If there is a bright spot, it is that your minerals are located in a fairly rural part of the County, which theoretically would help, but there is still a contingent in the State that will oppose each and every permit application on the principle that every well contributes to Climate Change. They have shouted down public officials and caused meetings to be cancelled.

I know for a fact that many financial institutions and operating companies have simply put a block on any new investments in the State until and unless the political situation changes.