What's happening in Cleburne County, Arkansas?

I own minerals in Cleburne County, Arkansas. Used to get offers to buy fairly often, but didn’t want to sell. Lately, the royalty checks have shrunk quite a bit. XTO doesn’t appear to be taking as much gas as they used to. Do any other interest holders in Cleburne County know what gives? Is the leaseholder (now a subsidiary of Exxon) just waiting for the prices to go up, or is something else going on? Thanks for any insights.

I am new at this and I really need some help … My father just recently passed away and didnt have all of his affairs in order and now I’m trying to figure this all out… Could someone please help . He lived in Heber Springs Arkansas. Is there certain websites that I can find his stuff on. Thank you so much !! HELP !!!

If you need information about your father’s ownership of mineral rights and/or land in Cleburne County, a good first contact would be the County Clerk’s office. You can Google it. (I have a number for the Tax Collector’s office where I have to an pay annual tax on my minerals. But general questions about ownership are referred to the County Clerk, and I don’t have that number.) Good luck – and I’m truly sorry for your loss.

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