What's going on in Sec. 34-05N-06W?

I was wondering if anyone knew what is going on in Sec. 34-05N-06W? I know from the OCC website that they have spudded several wells. The first one was spud last Jan. and we have not heard anything yet about completion or received any division orders. Is Gulfport slow in releasing these reports and in paying their mineral owners? Any help is much appreciated.

There are 2 rigs in section 27-05N-06W right now drilling 8 wells. Five JEANNIE wells have been spudded so far.

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Hi Don-

I recently leased 6NMA to Jackfork on behalf of Gulfport in 24-3n-6w. Do you know of any activity in that area or are they just racking up acreage?

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Don, I hold minerals in 20 5N 6W. Echo has a three well platform named Venus 1-20, Venus 2-20, and Venus 3-20. The spud date was early May 2018. They’re drilling to around 20k on each well. Approximately how long does it take to complete these wells (when should I be looking for a completion report)? And approximately, how long from completion does it take (assuming productive wells) for Echo to pay the first royalty? Thanks in advance for your help/advice!

We Have sections all leased in that area. Can I send a friend request? Answer to your question…nothing so far but we have kept it all leased since 2012.:+1: Lets keep in touch.

Sure thing, friend away. One can never have too many. lol

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Most of them were spud from section 27.
Jeannie 1-27X34H was spud April 20, 2018 Jeannie 2-27X34H was spud Jan 27, 2018 Jeannie 3-27X34H was spud April 12, 2018 Jeannie 4-27X34H was permitted Jan 22, 2018, amended in April Jeannie 5-27X34H was spud July 25, 2018 Jeannie 6-27X34H was permitted July 17, 2018 Jeannie 7-27X34H was spud July 21, 2018 What usually happens is that they drill all the wells first. Then they come back in at the end and do a zipper frac on all the wells at the same time. Saves them millions of dollars in costs.
So it looks like they still have to finish drilling all of them. Two need to be spudded. You won’t get the division orders until about five months after first sales. Each one will be slightly different due to different drilled lengths and perforations. Payment won’t be until six months after first sales. Don’t get too frustrated. This can still be about a year from now, but totally normal.

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Gulfport has a very successful play going in that township. They did drill two wells out of Sec. 13 to the north of you. No current cases pending in 24, but lots of leasing in there that will expire in 2019, so patience is probably the key at the moment.

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In general, it takes about four-five months to drill a two section well. They generally drill all the wells first, then do a zipper frac on all of the at the end. Saves millions of dollars. You should get a Division Order for each well about five months after first sales. They are required by statute to pay six months after first sales.

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Thanks Martha, was wondering why we hadn’t heard anything on the well that was spud in Jan. Didn’t know how they proceeded on these multi-unit wells and especially 8 at one time. Was excited to hear how the first well went, but guess I’ll just have to be more patient. When the Jeannie was amended in April did that extend the expiration date for drilling? because that date has now passed. They have 3 more to spud, #4, #6, and #8. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

Thanks Don, I hope to see them for myself in a few weeks when I visit for a famiy reunion.

I didn’t really look to see if they extended the time frame, but expect that they did.

When Gulfport drilled the 5 Pauline wells from Sec. 27 into Sec. 22, the first well was spud Oct. 27, 2016. The first check for all 5 wells was March 30, 2018 (17 months). So as previously stated it will probably be at least a year from now before you see anything from the Jeannie wells. Gulfport did release results from the Pauline wells in a press release around Sept. 2017, about 11 months after the first spud. Hopefully the Jeannie wells will be as good as the Pauline!


James, I didn’t see any applications on the OCC docket this week and am not aware of any recent activity. There are over 500 oil & gas leases in the township over the past 19 months, which includes my dad’s lease which is also in section 24-3N-6W. There is a good sized Springer gas well just to the SE of section 24. I look for Gulfport to drill section 36-3N-6W in the next 10 months before a family members 110 NMA lease expires.

Newfield sent us D.O.s this month.

21-3N-8W 3-3N-8W 9-3N-8W 10-3N-8W 24-3N-6W 20-3N-6W 20-3N-6W 19-3N-6W

Those are the Sections I am hoping to have go crazy in Grady. A little outside the main heat area but apparently some companies are seeing lots of potential. Maybe we will see the big offers soon,

We got the Catlin D.O. last part of July.

You sections in 3N-6W have some potential, but they are closer to the dryer gas zone for the Woodford, so will not probably get as high on the offers due to the lack of condensate and oil. The ones on the eastern side of the township have more potential than the western side.

The 3N-8W are out of the main Woodford play (as know now), but have had a bit of leasing in 2017.