What's going on in Block 33, Loving County?

On either side of Section 90-ish, Block 33, Loving County, I own a share of 2 Sections as a result of an inheritance. What in the world is going on there? We've been offered $18,000 per acre for one section and another individual is badgering us for the other section. What is going on there? What is the value of the mineral rights? Would $20,000 to $25,000 or more be realistic? Any recommendations on companies that would be interested?

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There is production in just about all of those river sections. You would be wise to not sell any of your minerals outright. What sections do you have an interest?

Good morning David,

From looking at some of the production reports on some of these wells in the area I see no reason why $25,000 or more could be expected for the minerals in this area. Some very good oil and gas wells in this area. The major players in the area are Apache, Shell Western, Anadarko, and Matador Production.

Link to Production Data on well 32592:


GIS Map of Loving County Section 90/block 33 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

I agree with the other comments. That is an active area and I would be reluctant to sell the minerals. If you are just curious about market values in that area, you could try reaching out to the forum sponsors to see what they've observed, but again...I would be hesitant to sell given that portion of the Delaware Basin is one of the hottest areas in the country right now.


What are your specific section numbers? I would be happy to check whether a well has been spud.

Thank you Clint. I'll give those companies a call. If you know of anyone else that may be interested, please pass along their contact info.


Thank you Wolfcamp Shale. Sounds like good advice, although I'm still ready to sell. Let me know if you know of an interested party.

Link for contact information for oil and gas producers in Texas.....


Clint Liles

Awesome Clint! Thank you.

For $25k, that's the top of the market. Viper paid that much recently. They calculate by the royalty acre, which when recalculated to net acre, they paid $32k in Midland Basin and $26k in Delaware. You can solicit them at viperenergy.com.

Thank you Bart! I'll call Viper in the morning. Much appreciated.

I called Viper. Thanks again for the advice Bart.

Call us at 817-945-1294, we would love the opportunity to place a bid for all or some of your acreage.