Whatcha Want Wells - Section 173


COG has drilled about 6 wells on Section 173, Block 34, Ward County. All ore known as “Whatcha Want” wells… I think they may be producing as of September 1, 2018. Does anyone know the status of these wells? Thanks…


I was told they wouldn’t frac until late this month or early next month .


Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Intergalactic 7301 is also on Section 173. It is producing. Have Division Orders been sent out on 7301? When would do you anticipate DO from the Whatcha Want Wells? Thanks……


The way they cut it up , my land is not in the section with Intergalactic . Have not heard anything for DOs on Whatcha want wells .


October 11 - Follow-Up… I’m still trying to learn about the 5 or 6 Whatcha Want Wells situated in Section 173, Block 34. Concho is drilling them. Anyone know if they have reached completion? Division Orders forthcoming? Thanks.


I talked to COG today . He said they are fracking the last well now . That’s all I know


Cliff - - Do you know if any of the Whatcha Want wells are producing…If so, for how long? Thanks…


One Whatcha want has been producing since May . #7376H . Should be getting division orders on others soon


This is a really important lease for Ward County mineral owners. Hard to tell with just a quick look but looks to be multiple WC bench tests going on here. Elevation can throw off TVD but looks like the new wells are a couple hundred ft shallower than the original 7376H. Plus, two of these wells Whatcha Want A & B are Bonesprings tests. The 7376H was an absolute smoker and has made 340 MBO + 1.2 BCF in 14 months. Interesting that they are getting away from this WC bench because that is a great well. Then again maybe they are not. If I find some time, i will try to correlate the wellbores to a true landing depth. I think it is important to know how the different benches in WC will preform. Operators are great about obfuscating this. Wish I owned minerals here!


Hello, Are any of these wells near Block 33, Section 1, A-129? Thank you in advance!



Those COG wells are 25 miles West of A-129. Jagged Peak often gives a pretty good update on its Whiskey River area development, those are just across the river from A-129. Just lookup their investor presentations.


Thank you for the info, I’ll be sure to look that up!