What type of "Trade Deal" might this be?

Please share your knowledge.

Why would a large Oklahoma Oil/Gas company that normally only leases property want to buy property in Garvin County to expand their holdings in certain formations? This is supposedly being done to grow their holding in certain formations at the request of a potential partner or potential "Trade Partner".

What type of "Trade Deal" might this be?

Who is the "large Oklahoma Oil/Gas company?"

What is the Section, Township and Range?

The key here is "buy" verses "lease." Sounds like they know something you don't. You should educate yourself on the status of new development.

Thank you, Frank.

Agreed, but I'm not finding any new interest in the are or new activity. Someone was theorizing that the company wanted to grow their interest in this section to trade this section/township/range with another company for the other companies interest in a new area that the potential buyer of our property wants to get into. Perhaps the company purchasing wants to raise their presence in the Permian or another desirable area for the next 10 years.

Again, thank you for your thoughts.