What to expect at the end of a lease

Hello. The lease regarding my mineral rights ended at the end of October with Jaketown Resources (Paul Gillham Oil Company). I sent an email to them stating that my address had changed should they need to contact me at the end of the lease or should they want to renew it. I have heard nothing. Is this normal? It doesn't seem very professional to me. How do I know they have vacated the property or if they are still there? This was my first experience with this as I inherited the mineral rights from my mother. Can someone help me understand what should transpire at the end of a lease. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

If you can give the location of the lease, I can check and see if any activity in your section and check and see if new leases are being recorded.

Thank you so much! Much appreciated!

Section 25, Township 12 North, Range 3 East, Lincoln County, OK.

Andrea I checked the location on the OCC website and there has been no activity in that township and range since 2016. No leases have been renewed since that time either according to the County records site. I figure someone will call or contact U if they want to lease in the area. Just have to wait and see if the area will get active again.

Thank you so much Richard. The help is appreciated! Do you know where they find an address if they need to contact us as I have moved from the original location that they contacted me at. Is there a body that I can register it with? The IRS and Social Security have it. Would that be enough?

If you have moved or changed your name you may want to file an affidavit stating your new information in the land records. This is fairly inexpensive to do. This can be important if the lease expires an a new company is attempting to locate you. As for the current company, you can simply write to them.