What to do?

Hi everyone, I was contacted end of 2011. 18 of my family members didn’t know we owned minerals under 335 acres in Wetzel, Grant district. The members of my family didn’t want to rectify 1901 lease to have 8 wells, there are old wells there too. 4 of the family did sign in 2013. As I researched everything I could, including 8 hrs in the records room. Them same 4 members have been collecting mineral rights for 30 yrs. They even still today deny this. I do have the tax records and the lease the 4 of them signed. If I did research correctly, they cannot drill new wells without all of our signatures.? I did read in the lease about finding minerals anyway the company needed to.? Also, HBP held by production of a very small 20 cmf a yrs. Finding out %'s of interest has lowered the acres that we own, frustrated with all of it. Companies doing all the work to buy 11 of my family who wants to sell. These companies do fays, some weeks and then never send us the paperwork they said they would. Just never even call, text, or email me period. Of all my family I am the only o e who everyone wants working on this. Is this ever going to come to an end? Do we have rights to the money that is being paid? Past payments? I was told WV go back 10 yrs. Does anybody know exactly what 1/7 of 1/4 interest means.?? The 335 acreas ate in 3 different areas. Any advice would be more than greatly appreciated. Thank you

I'm sure you will get a lot of input here; but, IMO, the pure question of 1/7 of 1/4 would equal a percentage of: 3.57% and a fraction or more appropriately put as .035714286. Of course there are lots of unanswered questions here that depends on what the actual lease clauses look like and if all the acres are in the same or different well pools. Sounds like you have a real complicated mess that will more than likely require some time from a person with a lot of oil background snap.

Good luck!

Thank you. The well there is very old. That is the one they have been collecting from. No new wells. The only thing in the clause was any other known heirs, like they don’t know us and for oil company to search grounds to find minerals. Them acres are within 71 mile area of 3 places, like 22 acres, and 45 acres, 298 acres. Yea I need help. My email babettew55@gmail and I do believe my phone number is listed for anybody who would want to buy the mineral right from the rest of us who did not sign the lease. Thanks again