What to do with "Property Appraisal-Notice of Protest' form 50-132

Does anyone know why I would receive this form to be completed by 5-31-2017? I do not live in Panola Counthy Texas *Carthage?) but do own mineral rights there. if the appraisal was incorrect, how in the world would I know this...or is this a routine notice. I have never received such a notice but the company after filing ch 11= (Memorial Production Partners) was just taken over (in name only) by Amplify Energy.

Value of producing well is determined by independent appraiser such as Pritchard & Abbott. Value of the well is for all working interests and royalty interests, proportionate to their decimal interests. By law, the county appraisal district must send you a notice with the new valuation and give you the opportunity to protest. Realistically, only the operator with its voluminous records can protest the value and then it would change for all owners. This happens very rarely. Just keep the valuation notice in your file and you can compare it to tax statement that you will receive in the fall. I think that if the total tax due is less than $5, you may only be asked to pay when the taxes accumulate to $5.

I contest the valuations every year and get them reduced. They are for very large wells/units and usually save those clients around $12,000/yr. Less production or valuation would not be worth it. Also had two West Texas CO2 wells reduced way more than that. Appraisal companies usually use area/county averages for their pricing and that can cause some owners to pay more than they should have to.

Like all smaller counties, they don't expect you to haul out to meet the arb board. They simply expect you to pay. It is even more fun to speak with the P&A or Pickett folks and let them send you a spreadsheet with numbers from top to bottom with no explanation of why those variables were chosen. They are true MAI appraisals (made as instructed).

Thanks to all. I did get a call back from Pickett, who told me to ignore the protest letter. I paid $98. last year for taxes..This year's appraisal lists 5 properties but seems to add up to $60. taxes for this year. He said that is because of less drilling. Why would one protest "valuation"?, Wouldn't hat mean that one would receive less money in the royalties sent every few months? When I asked the appraiser, "How would I know to protest?" He added that ???? I should just monitor about $2900. and multiply __ X 4-5 to equal that first amount??? I can only understand that he meant...after you get all of your royalties each year (4-5 times), they should equal the value of my portion of the properties?? (i.e., My brother and I inherited 1/2 of the mineral right properties. It's hard to understand all of this but don't mind $200.00+ ever other month or so coming in. BTW..I did not know that when I am asked to sign for horizontal drilling, it means that drillers need to go though my "whatever" to get to someone else's wells. I guess that I benefit from this? Thanks for all of your inputs!!!

I think that I have spreadsheets..Boy, do I pay fees for "who knows" on every line but they are not listed as taxes. And so, when I receive a check for $200.00..there is $100+ removed for drilling costs, etc. When I tried to look up the company and royalty owners and property, I assume that only "BIG" companies, with big owners of property are listed. Thanks for the info.

Thanks, I pay around $98..so someone is collecting about $400.00 since I own only 1/4 of mineral rights.