What to do with mineral rights

My sister and myself inherited 320 acres of mineral rights in township 31 North, Range 69 West, Section 1: East 1/2. We have no clue what to do with these rights but do not want them to go to waste in our lifetimes. We are both in our upper 50s and live in Washington state. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Hang on to them for the time being. Crude oil has tanked to the mid teens in Wyoming or less. There will not be much if any interest in your acreage right now. So hold’em and wait for the “storm” to pass. John

That area is a little too far south. The play really ends in 32n, everything south is very shallow Oil I believe, so no horizontals and such, which is where the money is. Put it this way- I was going to purchase some in 32N for about $600 an acre, when oil was up but decided not to.

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