What to do to find mineral interests?

I am like the youngest of my family (but, I’m 63, Lol) & don’t have contact or know of anyone to ask. I do know my deceased Father’s Dad or Grandparents had minerals. They came to Kilgore in the early 1800’s. One of the girls even married a Kilgore. The family moved in several towns in Texas, which are full of wells, like Center, Rusk, Beaumont, Alice & maybe more. My Dad was born in Alice. It’s understandable how my side (my 2 siblings, deceased & I) of my Father got missed. He was a twin. He was in the Navy in Connecticut & met & married my Mom. We were all 3 girls born in CT. Then relocated back to Texas. So when he died, I believe it went to my Mom. Not sure, she was a very private person. I was young when my Dad passed. The only thing I do remember was my Mom saying, “Whatever you do don’t lose this!” I was so young, I really don’t remember, but I believe she was talking about paying taxes on something. It was a tax bill. Anyway, since she died intestate, I believe since we were all born in CT, his minerals were possibly reverted to his Siblings or their heirs. I did find a will in Jefferson County (1950’s) for his Aunt, which listed properties & minerals. I was thinking maybe to file an affidavit in those counties listing me as my Father’s heir. Also, I might could search on RRC site to see if those tracts are producing. Any suggestions would definitely be appreciated! Sorry such a long post. I had to explain my situation. TIA

Nora: hire a landman or an oil and gas attorney to search mineral title under your great grandparents, grandfather, father and mother’s names in those counties where you think they owned mineral interests. If interests are found, you will need an oil and gas attorney to assist you in finding the correct procedure to get these interests in your name. Then you can notify any oil companies that are producing your interests of your ownership.

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