What online software/resources do the landmen use?

I’ve been curious about this for awhile. Everyone here is a little familiar with the OCC website, but I wondered what what professionals use, as they seem to have lots of info on sales, etc that I am not privy to.

I was trying to explain what little I know of STACK and SCOOP to my brother and found this place from Shale Experts: https://www.shaleexperts.com/plays/stack-scoop/Overview?menu

Looks informative, but at a high cost. Just wondered if there is the industry go-to place I’ve never heard of, even though I’m sure not paying $1500 to be part of the club.

Several paid subscription services are out “there”:

Drilling Info



Hart Energy, just to name a few

Some almost free to free ones are:

Oklahoma Corporation Commission-free

OK Energy Today-free

www.okcountyrecords.com-fairly inexpensive