What now... Enduro Operating LLC filed for bankruptcy


I deposited a check on Tuesday last week (mobile app) and received an email the next day that the check was returned unpaid. The only thing I could think of was with either the MICR numbers weren’t readable or bankruptcy. I looked at the check and the MICR looked readable so I searched for Enduro bankruptcy…

Unfortunately Enduro filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Delaware District Court the day I deposited the check. I’m holding two checks worth literally nothing at this point.

What happens now? I know that it will be around 6-9 months of filling motions before this may be put to rest. What happens to my back roylaties and what happens when another operating company picks up my lease?


Did you get any answers on this? I also own mineral rights and I am wondering with the Bankruptcy what that means. Will we be released for our lease obligations?
Anyone have insight? Here is a link to the Bankruptcy.


No one responded. It looks like things are getting messy too. Have forms to fill out. I think I’ll need legal assistance on this.