What is the likelihood of hitting oil?

I’ve got 80 acres of mineral rights in Bone Springs. What level of profit is available if a well is successful and how long might drilling continue? Thanks


Could you be more specific in your location? By this I mean State, field, etc.

Reeves County, TX in the Bone Springs field. Want to know whether I should get excited about the prospect of this being a profitable opportunity with a little luck. What could 80 acres generate if there was oil? Thanks

My father who bought these mineral acres I own in the 19 50’s, he is gone and now they are mine, said as likely as it is that we win the lottery. When he was a young man he thought it was very likely that’s why he invested in them but maturity taught him otherwise. Don’t get me wrong we, him when he was alive, and me both have made unexpected modest money leasing and selling our mineral acres. I have 65 acres leased in Williams County, North Dakota now( which is hot) lots and lots of drilling through the shale, finding oil in many places, but my expectations are low and I am very thankful for the generous lease offer I received. Hope that helps! Harriett