What is the Legal Land Description System in Wise County?

I'm accustomed to the good old square grid range, township & section legal land descriptions in Okla. In Texas, I assume because it's an older state with previous Spanish or Mexican customs in place, the land description system & geography of county roads seems somewhat random. How do you figure out things west of Boyd, Wise County, TX about 5 miles? We owned about 20 acres west of Boyd but sold the surface long ago. We get a little bit of old oil & gas production from Devon (previously Mitchell Energy); lease names are: Harris, Petty, Horton, Wilson, Elam.

Texas is a hodgepodge of everything on legal surveying practices.

The GLO website has an interactive map that works well to locate block and section numbers. http://www.glo.texas.gov/GLO/agency-administration/gis/index.html I wrote an article on the home page with other Internet resources.