What is minerals rights currently worth in area 5 miles north of Big Spring?

Have received some initial interest in 1/2 of mineral rights on 160 acres about 5 miles north of Big Spring. Think T1N BLK 32 SEC3 A-129, located southeast corner of E CO 34 (road #34) and N C R 29. Or 3 miles east on 34 from Highway 87.

What is current value - range - top to ordinary price. Thanks in Advance


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Dan - That's a really good area of Howard County. Forget the range and think only top dollar if you decide to sell. There aren't any horizontal wells on your tract but just a few miles to your northwest there are several in one section.

Thanks for your message about the Howard County Minerals. You state there is some horizontal wells a few miles north, how do I find the info on what they are producing. Maybe you can give me the Texas Railroad addres that pulls that info up. Any help would be appreciated. My email is danshipley@comcast.net telephone # 901-756-4862