What is Happening with Casillas in T1S R5W?

Most of my families’ mineral interest is in Sections 24 and 25 in this Township. We also have interest in Sections 3,4 and 9 in the same township. I heard Casillas bought the rights to the deep formations owned by Chevron. Any info on what has happened is appreciated.

89 Energy II LLS and ENECO LLC have pending hearings on sections 5 & 8. Lots of leasing by various companies in 2017 and 2018 all over the township. Something is in the works.

Thanks, M_Barnes. I want to know more about what is happening there. I heard that Casillas bought much of the Chevron interest there. Our largest payments came from Chevron for many years but they apparently sold out to Stephens and Johnson of Wichita Falls, TX. It looks like horizontal wells are being drilled in Sections 1 to 10. Our interest there is in Sections 3,4 and 9.

Sections 5, 8, 18 and 22 are the top regulatory sections.

Continental and Echo plus a few others are doing a lot of leasing. Something is up…