What is happening in Twp 19S Rngs 25E and 26E?

Have had two offers to buy interests in Sections 7 and 8 of 19S-26E and Sec 12-19S-25E. This area has been slow for while but seems to be getting attention now. Since Percussion took over Sec 12 - 19S - 25E from Nearburg RI checks are getting better. Is Percussion reworking well? What is going on with COG/Concho in Sec 7 and 8 19S-26E. I hear something about SPUR moving in to establish themselves here. Are we looking at new activity and hopefully better RI checks?

There is no more Percussion, they are Spur.

Percussion drilled two Rose wells in the N/2 of Sec 12 late last year. Those are producing. They also drilled 3 more Rose wells 2Q19. Those should be coming online soon, one would guess. So if you are in those wells, you should be seeing more money.

Sec 8 is pretty much all drilled up. Sec 7 is not, but no obvious plans there. COG also sold their interests up here to Spur as well within the last month.

Thank you very much NMoilboy, This is good to know. Interests were inherited from Great Uncle George L. Rose. Think we will hang on to those interests and start tracking activity there. You will hear more from us. Rose-Wall OK LLC