What is current leasing bonus per acre Sec 33-5N-8W in Grady County


I have been contacted about leasing my minerals and would like to know what the current rate is for Sec. 33 and Sec.32.


The info was in the heading and I did not repeat, fyi Sec 33-5N-8W.


Last August 2018 the Commissioners of the Land Office rejected a bid by COCHRAN LAND SERVICE LLC to lease 80 acres in the W/2 NE/4 (All M.R.), Sec. 33-05N-08W -

Total Bid = $28,000.00 - Price Per Acre = $350.00 REJECTED

There were no bids to lease 160 acres in the NW/4 of Sec. 33-05N-08W


(Note: Leases are @ 3/16th royalty)